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Reina Regina
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They say to write the book you want to read, so I made the Lenormand deck I wish I had as a beginner.

I designed the resourceful lenormand to be ideal for newcomers to Lenormand and cartomancy. Meanwhile, this accompanying guidebook was created with the intention of getting you started reading Lenormand right out of the gate!

Whether you’re a seasoned cartomancer or a Lenormand beginner, the resourceful lenormand Guidebook hopes to help you see that there are many paths to your destination, that the Universe will always provide you with the tools you need, and that the answers are already inside you.


Do I need the resourceful lenormand deck to download this guidebook?

For readers who simply want to enjoy this book and read about the Lenormand in general, it also works as a standalone book, even if you do not have a copy of the resourceful lenormand deck yet. :)



In no uncertain terms: This guidebook is for YOUR personal use only. Please do not sell, distribute, or share this guidebook with anyone who did not pay for it. Printing the guidebook and reselling it to cover printing costs is also not allowed.

I will not be held liable for any hexes, plagues, or cosmic misfortune that may befall anybody who tries to steal, pirate, or ill-wish my work. The Universe is watching. May we reap what we sow tenfold.

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  • Size9.29 MB
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resourceful lenormand Guidebook

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